FMS RC Enthusiast Story

RC Enthusiast - Rich Baker

As a kid, I was always captivated by flight, aircraft, flying machines and really anything that could fly. I was fascinated by flight. Whether it was aircraft or spacecraft, the ability for man to leave the earth and fly was a regal achievement that had no rival. It was something I was destined to be a part of. This interest drove me to build and fly model aircraft and ultimately led me to a career in full scale aviation as a jet pilot...

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RC Enthusiast - ArthurRC

In 1998 my first RC plane was a high wing trainer from Thunder Tiger of course made of balsa with a nitromethane engine! I learned thanks to dual transmitter (a wire between my teacher radio and mine).
I was so stressed but so happy on the same time, it was a unique feeling that I can still feel when I fly a new “expensive” plane. It’s a mix of excitement and stress !
And in 2018 when I restarted RC planes, it was a Easyglider from Multiplex and then I bought many others gliders before my first plane in February 2019 (Flightline P-51 1400mm) and my first jet in March 2019 (Freewing Stinger 90mm)......

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RC Enthusiast - Ken

I first got into the hobby when I was 15 years old. I picked up an old nitro Airplane and Grasshopper buggy from a local Colorado garage sale and, with the help of my father and uncle, got the nitro plane running. Mind you, I only got to fly the nitro once, most of the air time was my dad and uncle. The grasshopper, with mechanical ESC (like a slot car), was something I occasionally played and tinkered with. What really got me excited though was when my dad and I went into a local Hobby Town and saw a nitro 1/8th scale AWD buggy. I was turning 15 (our birthdays are the same day) ......

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By RC Enthusiast - Jasmin

When I met my husband 27 years ago he was already into the RC hobby, so I married into it LOL, I didn't have any real interest in RC then or for many years after we married, but I supported him in the hobby 110%. RC is his passion. The more I went to the park with him, the more I got the urge to try flying. He was very patient with me and tried to teach me how to fly. I am still a beginner, but maybe one day I will be as good of a pilot as my husband. It is a great feeling the first time to have control of a RC plane soaring in the air. It was a very exciting experience for me. I personally like the glider type planes because they fly slow and glide without power, and are just easier and more relaxing to fly for a beginner. One day I would like to get The FMS Moa and try that glider.

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RC Enthusiast - Manuel Regalado

"The tinkering, experimenting and replicating what i've seen with my models has me hooked  and seeing an idea i've had take flight is inexplicable. My son's are starting to get as passionate about flying and aviation as I am and this hobby is somethingwe can share together to build  core memories.“

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RC Enthusiast - Travis Weyhrich

This hobby is all about having fun and making new friends being able to get out and see what other people are building and getting ideas on my next build......

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#Valentine's Day Challenge - FMS February Challenge 2024

Gift a new RC hobby this Valentine's! A creative and enjoyable present that marks the beginning of exploring new interests together. Make this Valentine's Day the start of a wonderful journey into a shared hobby!

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#ChevroletStoryCollection - FMS January Challenge 2024

I grew up with squarebody Chevy. In fact, I learned how to drive in a 78 K20 tow truck that my dad bought new. I currently have a squarebody K10 that I've owned for almost 30 years as well as a squarebody Suburban and Blazer. And, I'm really digging my FCX24 Way Cool McCue K5 and would love these squarebody goodies to add to my collection! I painted my FMS FCX24 K5 to look exactly how my 1:1 K5 will look when it's finished. Not only did I paint it the same color, I used...

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