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Sale price$399.99 USD
Color: Black
$399.99 USD
Sale price$399.99 USD
Color: Black

FMS 1:10 FCX10 Chevrolet K5 Blazer RS

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Sale price$399.99 USD
Color: Black
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🔋This product is the Ready Set version and does not include batteries.
💡Top spotlights for decoration only, not able to illuminate.
⭐Some packages may not include the XT60 extension cable due to production batch reasons. This won't affect normal product use.

🎁Order now and receive free gifts worth $60! Limited quantity available.🔋This product is the Ready Set version and does not include batteries.💡Top ... View More
Length 548mm
Width 249mm
Height 285mm
Wheelbase 324mm
Tire F/R Φ 46*120mm
Approach Angle 58°
Departure Angle 48°
Ground Clearance 89mm
Motor 550 Brushed Motor
Remote control distance 150m
Remote control 2.4GHz 11CH Remote Control System
Recommended Battery 2S Lipo 7.4V 2000mAh XT60 plug x1 (Product does not include batteries.)
Battery Compartment 140 x 47 x 30mm

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FMS x Chevrolet K5

The Chevrolet K5 Blazer made its debut in 1969, emerging in the midst of intense competition. Whether conquering challenging mountainous terrain or showcasing individuality on urban streets, the Chevrolet K5 Blazer embodies people's aspirations for freedom, adventure, and self-expression. It is a symbol of a lifestyle. The classic upright front face and square body lines, make it an integral part of American automotive culture.

FMS FCX10 - The Right Size For Adventure

Licensed by General Motors, this 1/10 scale model of the Chevrolet K5 BLAZER, produced by FMS Models, features the FCX10 simulation crawler chassis, faithfully replicating the original vehicle's off-road performance. The FCX10 K5 is FMS's first high-performance 1/10 scale simulation crawler. It incorporates an abundant range of features, including DIG, switchable 2WD/4WD, lockable front and rear differentials, two-speed transmission, portal axles, and more.

  • DIG Transmission System

  • Magnetic Lighting System

  • Selectable 2WD/4WD

  • Locking Differentials

  • Two-Speed Transmission

  • Portal Axles

Chevrolet Officially Licensed

Officially licensed by General Motors Chevrolet, the FMS K5’s realistic car body faithfully reproduces the American hard road style model of the 1970s while providing higher realism for hobbyists, and fully conveying the classic charm of Chevrolet vehicles in the radio control driving industries.

High-Performance FCX10 Chassis

The high-performance FCX10 chassis features metal materials for key structural components such as the chassis frame, oil-filled shock absorbers, metal links, gears, servos, and full vehicle ball bearings. This allows confidence to tackle more demanding terrain.

Magnetic Lighting System

The independent light control system and hidden layout of the wiring inside the PC body are not only neat and elegant, but safe. Powered by magnetic attraction, it effectively prevents the reversal of positive and negative poles, making disassembly and assembly more convenient.

Locking Differentials

The FCX10 K5 features front and rear axle differential lock functions, conveniently controlled by an independent channel on the transmitter. This capability meets the demand for different wheel speeds when turning.

Extreme Performance Without Sacrificing Realism

With Chevrolet's official license, FMS, adhering to its dedication and pursuit of product appearance and scale realism, committed to creating a highly realistic 1/10 performance crawler.

Front End

Front end is adorned with authentic accessories, including the Chevrolet emblem, K5 Blazer nameplate, chrome-plated front grille, front bumper, and posable windshield wiper.


The body features chrome details such as door handles, rearview mirrors, body trim lines, and authentic Blazer badge.


A detachable rear cargo cover and roll bar are provided as a bonus, providing the option to switch between SUV and pickup configurations.

Rear End

The rear end boasts rich details, including a finely crafted metal-engraved Chevrolet logo, chrome rear bumper, and scale license plate.

Softer Tires

Adding 30% butyl rubber to the tires enhances flexibility for improved traction.

DIG/FWD/RWD/4WD Switching

The FCX K5 features a 2WD/4WD switch function, allowing for power output transitions among DIG/4WD/FWD' or 'RWD/4WD/FWD' (refer to the user manual for power mode adjustments). Multiple power output modes to adapt to various usage scenarios.

DIG Transmission System

The FCX10 K5 is equipped with a rear axle DIG, allowing for the locking of the rear axle and simultaneous front-wheel drive. This feature provides the vehicle with a smaller turning radius, enabling a 'tank turn' maneuver.


The front wheels serve as the driving wheels, allowing for more agile and flexible maneuvers during turns.


The rear wheels function as the driving wheels, enabling high-speed maneuvers.


All four wheels provide full power output to achieve extreme crawling capabilities.

Magnetic Lighting System

The vehicle comes pre-installed with headlights, front turn signals, side turn signals, rear turn signals, reverse lights, and other lighting components. The PC body uses magnetic connections to the chassis, allowing the lights of the entire vehicle to be activated with a single button on the transmitter.

Front Headlights

Front Turn Signals & Side Indicator

Rear Turn Signals

Top Spotlights

(Upgradable light buckets, LED is not included.)

FCX10 Chassis

After two years of development the compact, powerful, easy to maintain, FCX10 chassis delivers outstanding performance and reliability.

Mid-Engine Layout Structure

The overall chassis adopts a mid-engine layout structure, effectively optimizing the center of gravity along the central axis, which is more conducive to the consistent operation of the vehicle.

Counter Rotating Transmission Outputs

The drive shafts connecting the front and rear axles rotate in opposite directions to counteract some of the vehicle's torque effects.

Clipless Body Mounting

The vehicle features a hidden clipless body mounting method, preserving the realistic details of the PC Body.

Servo On Axle (SOA)

The steering servo is mounted on the front axle, reducing deviations in steering angle caused by extreme articulation. This enhances precision in steering and providesa better overall operational experience.

Two-Speed Switching

The FCX10 K5 is equipped with a two-speed gearbox featuring metal gears and a metal shift servo. Controlled through the transmitter, it allows for seamless switching between hi/lo modes, adapting to the demands of both low-speed crawling and high-speed driving.

Speeds up to 10 km/h, perfect for outdoor crawling.

Speeds up to 22 km/h, ideal for off-roading adventures.

Low Gear

High Gear

Speeds up to 10 km/h, perfect for outdoor crawling.

Speeds up to 22 km/h, ideal for off-roading adventures.

Portal Axle

The vehicle is equipped with portal axles, providing a higher ground clearance for improved off-road capability.

High-Strength Integrated Axles

Metal Gear Portals

Optional Parts Included

Order FCX10 K5 now and get optional parts worth $60, including molded topper, inner fender set, and pre-installed lighting system! Limited quantity available, while supplies last!

The inner fender set keeps FCX10 K5 clean and protected, preventing excess dirt and debris.

Molded topper allows FCX10 K5 to easily switch between Pickup and SUV styles

The vehicle comes pre-installed headlights, front, side, rear turn signals, and reverse lights. Top spotlights are upgradable light buckets with LEDs not included.

Inner Fender Set

Molded Topper

Lighting System

The inner fender set keeps FCX10 K5 clean and protected, preventing excess dirt and debris.

Molded topper allows FCX10 K5 to easily switch between Pickup and SUV styles

The vehicle comes pre-installed headlights, front, side, rear turn signals, and reverse lights. Top spotlights are upgradable light buckets with LEDs not included.

FCX10 Chassis Component

The high-performance FCX10 chassis features metal materials for key structural components such as the chassis frame, oil-filled shock absorbers, metal links, gears, servos, and full vehicle ball bearings. This ensures ample preparation to tackle more demanding challenges.

Metal C-Channel Chassis Rails

Oil-Filled Shock Absorbers

Metal Links

Metal Gears

Metal Ball Bearings

35 pieces throughout the vehicle

Waterproof Metal Gear Steering Servo

Torque up to 25kg

Metal Servo Horns

Metal Chassis Skid Plate

550 Brushed Motor

Innovative Design

The FCX10 features innovative design, equipped with 2.4GHz 11CH radio control system, chrome-plated body details, low CG design, clipless body mounting, and more. FCX10 - Perfectly Sized for Adventure.

FCX10 Scale Crawler Chassis

General Motors Chevrolet Licensed K5 Body

Durable PC Body

Portal Axle

2.4GHz 11CH Radio Control System

Chrome-Plated Body Details

Low CG Design

Clipless Body Mounting

Large Battery Compartment

Explore the Unknown, Enjoy Your Freedom


Vehicle :
1/10 Scale Car

Car Size (mm):
548 x249 x 285

Wheel Base (mm):

Tire Size (mm):
D46 x W120

Ground Clearance:

Approach Angle:

Departure Angle:

550 Brushed Motor

Recommended Battery :
2S Lipo 7.4V 2000mAh XT60 plug x1

Battery Compartment :
140 x 47 x 30mm

Radio Control:
2.4GHz 11CH Radio Control System

Radio Control Distance:

What's In The Box

1 x 1:10 FCX10 K5 RS
1 x Transmitter
1 x 2 in 1 ESC & Receiver (Installed)
1 x 550 Brushed Motor (Installed)
1 x Lighting System (Pre-installed Optional Parts Included )
1 x Hopper Cover (Optional Parts included)
1 x Fender Set (Optional Parts Included)
1 x Product Manual

What Do You Need To Complete?

4 x AA Batteries for Transmitter
Battery & Charger for Kit (Recommended 2S Lipo 7.4V 2000mAh XT60 plug x1)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Shane Trinkle
Great truck

This truck is a fantastic release from FMS and a great addition to the FCX line. I am glad they chose to release such a full featured truck first (independent, lockers, 2 speed, lots of drive options, on the fly drag brake adjustment, lighting), I think a less feature rich version would also sell well in the future. The details on this body are really nice as well with detailed emblems, wipers and door handles to name a few. My one visual complaint on my orange/white K5 is that the paint needs to be backed.

Perfect for a beginner

So much fun, I'm officially back into rc after 40 years! The funnest thing I've ever owned!

killer k5 blazer

this is a great looking k5 blazer, lots of features, lights were a bonus and love the fenders and cap


This truck is awesome and very loaded with all the latest features for crawling and trailing!

Tim Quiring
Great Product, Good Service, Poor Communication

The K5 Blazer is as good as the advertising says. The reviews that are glowing are true. Mine arrived with a lack of notice from the company, it just showed up. The box was whole, but the body inside for some reason was cracked. Eventually FMS responded and shipped a new body. Again, the communications was poor. I'd recommend you buy the product! But bug them about delivery, etc.


As early as 2021, FMS has engaged in a long-term and extensive partnership with the Chevrolet brand. Since the introduction of the 1/18 series Chevrolet K10, it has been widely loved by fans. We sensed the passion and love from everyone for Chevrolet vehicles, leading us to introduce a series of premium model cars authorized by Chevrolet, including the intricately detailed 1/18 Apache, the outstanding performance FCX24 K5, the exhilarating FMT24 Colorado, and more. This time, FMS has made an exciting decision by selecting the well-known Chevrolet K5 as the first product in FMS's 1/10 high-performance crawler series! Get ready to meet the FCX10 K5!

We aim to make the FCX10 K5 an impressive product. At first glance, hobbyisits will be drawn to its exquisite details and appearance. FMS has dedicated efforts to faithfully replicate the classic Chevrolet K5! Unlike common 1/10 scale crawlers with simple lexan bodies, the FCX10 K5 features a more durable and detailed PC body. Achieving an exquisite finish through painting techniques and complemented by realistic exterior decorative parts, combined with FMS's high standards for product realism, makes it arguably the most intricately detailed and realistic 1/10 crawler you've ever seen!

We believe FCX10 K5 can stand out as one of the most competitive options in the current market. The FCX10 K5 is currently the most powerful crawler in FMS's lineup, allowing players to conquer various terrains with its robust crawling ability and rich features. With complimentary pre-installed lighting system, users can enjoy realistic crawling. Features like two-speed switching, locking differentials, portal axles, and a robust chassis with durable metal components ensure immediate enjoyment out of the box. The ability to switch between 2WD and 4WD, along with the DIG transmission system, gives the FCX10 K5 unmatched crawling performance, making it unstoppable in challenging terrains. Feature-rich, powerful, user-friendly, and reasonably priced – we're confident that those who experience the FCX10 K5 will appreciate its value.

1. The FCX10 K5 is a large-scale crawler with high-speed capabilities. During regular use, safety precautions should be observed to avoid collisions with crowds or animals, preventing unnecessary damage.
2. FCX10 K5 supports both 2S and 3S batteries, with the official recommendation favoring the use of 2S batteries. When connecting the power, be sure to use the official dedicated protection cable provided (this protection cable is separately packaged inside the box). Strictly adhere to the instructions, ensuring the vehicle's power switch is in the off position when replacing the battery to guarantee the proper functioning of the battery and the product.
3. The FCX10 K5 is equipped with water-resistant capabilities, allowing it to operate in shallow water areas. If planning to venture into deeper water for play, professional waterproofing measures should be taken in advance to ensure the product operates correctly.

The battery compartment size for the FCX10 K5 is 140 x 47 x 30mm, with an XT60 male plug. It comes equipped with an adjustable double-sided magic tape battery strap, allowing secure fastening of batteries of various sizes to the chassis, effectively preventing any loosening or detachment during vehicle use.

FCX10 K5 features a PC body, which offers higher toughness and durability compared to the common lexan body in the market. This makes it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who frequently navigate rugged terrains. Coupled with FMS's high standard for visual realism, the overall appearance of the vehicle's paint finish is on par with that of hard body designs.

Accidentally activating DIG mode at high speeds can cause an abnormal impact on the servo of channel 6, leading to servo offset and affecting the normal operation of the 4WD/2WD/DIG functions. Calibration is required following the instructions in the instructional video.

The electronic accessory deserves a 90-day warranty from the day of arrival after the sale, FMS will provide the part or parts necessary to correct the issue. If the part you need is out of stock or unavailable as a spare part, we may offer a coupon as compensation.

More details please go to our warranty page:

The FCX10 K5 is the first model in the FCX10 series, infused with the best technology and robust performance. For this FCX10 series, FMS is preparing upcoming plans for 1/10 scale accessories and upgrade kits. This will provide users who have already purchased the FCX10 K5 with a variety of fun options and upgrade directions, continually enriching the FCX10 aftermarket accessories. Simultaneously, we will maintain the research and development of the FCX10 series, continuously introducing new products, allowing more RC enthusiasts to discover and love the FCX10 series!