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Sale price$299.99 USD
Color: Blue
$299.99 USD
Sale price$299.99 USD
Color: Blue

FMS 1500mm Cessna 182 PNP


Sale price$299.99 USD
Color: Blue
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Please click here to view the recap of the maiden flight of the Cessna 182 on YouTube on 5/26 at 8:00 PM EST. RC Video Reviews went over his tips for the maiden flight and answered questions that were asked about the new aircraft.

Featrues Bundle Support

• Authorized by Textron Innovations Inc.
• Faithfully reproduced scale details
• Metal shock-absorbing landing gear set, adding strong adhesion damping silicone oil
• Ultra-short takeoff distance
• Superior low-speed maneuverability
• Pre-installed high-intensity LED navigation lights

• Authorized by Textron Innovations Inc.• Faithfully reproduced scale details• Metal shock-absorbing landing gear set, adding strong adhesion dampi... View More

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An Essential, Classic, and Realistic Beginner Plane

The Cessna 182 is a popular small single-engine propeller aircraft that first appeared in 1956. It plays a crucial role in general aviation and is widely used in various fields such as private flying, flight training, business cruising, aerial photography, aerial patrols, geographic surveyance, and emergency medical rescue. Authorized by Textron Innovations Inc., the FMS 1500mm Cessna 182 adheres to the long-standing product philosophy of "Scale appearance, excellent performance," faithfully reproducing the appearance of the real aircraft and replicating its reliability, versatility, flexibility, and ease of operation. Whether you're a beginner pilot eager to progress or an enthusiast seeking recreational flying, the FMS Cessna 182 is undoubtedly a must-have choice.


Classic Red and Blue Paint

Real Cessna Skylane

FMS 1500mm Cessna 182

FMS reproduces the classic paint and scale details of the real Cessna Skylane. Embark on a journey of unmatched scale realism with the 1500mm Cessna 182 and discover the joy of leisurely flying!

  • Realistic Reproduction

  • Short Takeoff and Landing

  • Advanced Landing Gear

  • Powerful Performance

  • Abundant Lighting Effects

  • Quick Glue-Free Assembly

Detailed Realistic Cockpit

The 360° transparent cockpit windows and dual-row seats match that of the full-scale aircraft. Coupled with an realistic pilot figure, instrument panels, and control yokes, the interior immerses you in a real cockpit experience. These unique scale details are a proud feature of FMS, allowing you to indulge in the joy of scale model flying.

Faithfully Reproduced Scale Details

The FMS 1500mm Cessna 182 includes more scale realism for model aircraft of its size and type, meticulously reproducing every detail of the real aircraft from the intake grille to the engine exhaust, multiple realistic antennas, landing gear fairings, and chrome plated propeller spinner. The concealed servo horn in the flap design also enhances the aircraft's aesthetics, aligning closely with the full-scale aircraft.

Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL)

The 1500mm Cessna 182 has excellent short takeoff and landing capabilities, easily handling distances within three meters. Equipped with a robust propulsion system and effective flaps, it ensures quick takeoffs and landings even on smaller fields or confined areas.

Capable of Handling Rough Landings

The 1500mm Cessna 182 features CNC metal shock-absorbing landing gear set and wear-resistant tires, effectively resisting rough landings. Enhanced with damping silicone oil, the landing gear provides even cushioning, facilitating smoother travel and enhanced performance on rough surfaces or uneven airstrips.

Outstanding Low-Speed Flight Performance

The aircraft's wing design ensures stability and maneuverability during low-speed flight. It excels at low-altitude flying, slow cruising, and observation or photography tasks. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced pilot, you can effortlessly enjoy the thrill of low-speed flight.

Quick Glue-Free Assembly

Assembly can be completed in just 10 minutes which includes securing the fuselage and landing gear with screws. The main wing features a plug-in integrated installation structure, the wing strut includes a groove-type installation structure, and the horizontal and vertical tails use a combination snap-in installation structure. The two-piece fuselage reduces packaging size by 30% which simplifies transportation and storage.

High-Performance Power System

The FMS 1500mm Cessna 182 is equipped with a 3541-KV840 brushless motor, a 40A brushless ESC, and a durable and efficient nylon-reinforced three-blade propeller. The power system provides the aircraft with sufficient thrust and speed so it can effortlessly execute vertical climbs and advanced flying maneuvers.

Powerful Reverse Thrust Function

The ESC allows you to taxi the Cessna in reverse on the ground. Activating the reverse thrust function after landing can slow it down. The robust ESC includes various protection features such as overheating protection, low voltage protection, and signal loss protection. This design makes the aircraft more flexible during taxi on the ground and also in the water using the optional floats.

Fly From Water with Our Optional Floats

The optional floats (sold separately) make your Cessna stand out. They allow you to take off, taxi, and land from lakes, rivers, or beaches. With floats installed, unlock boundless water fun and excitement.

Enhanced Visibility with Bright Navigation Lights

Seven bright navigation lights illuminate the aircraft … including five wing lights, one tail light, and one vertical tail light which perfectly replicate the details of the full-scale aircraft. These lights make the aircraft more eye-catching during flight, especially during dusk or nighttime flights, improving visibility and safety during the flight process.

Choose Reflex V3 for Safer Flying

Reflex V3 (sold separately) is a stable flight technology that assists pilots during takeoff and landing, helps stabilize the aircraft during normal flight and emergency situations, and minimizes the likelihood of crashes. The Reflex V3 can connect to a mobile phone via Bluetooth with the FMS app and provides customizable parameter and adjustment capabilities for FMS aircraft as well as other model aircraft.

Excellent Wind Resistance

The 1500mm wingspan of the Cessna 182 improves the aircraft's wind resistance, allowing it to maintain a stable flight attitude when encountering crosswinds or airflow disturbances thus reducing the risk of lateral drift and imbalance.


1500mm Cessna 182

What's In The Box:
• 1500mm Cessna 182 PNP
• 3541-KV840 Motor (installed)
• 40A ESC with Reverse Thrust Function (installed)
• 7x 9g Plastic Digital Servo (installed)

Needed To Complete:
• 6 Channel Transmitter and Receiver
• 4S 2200mAh-3200mAh 25c XT60 LiPo Battery
• LiPo Battery Charger

Notes To Buyers:
• Recommend using 4S battery.
• ESC has overheat protection. For continuous flights, wait three minutes after changing each battery before taking off again.
• Floats and Reflex V3 are not included and need to be purchased separately.
• Using Reflex requires 7 channel transmitter and receiver.

1500mm /59 in

Overall Length:
1250mm /49.2 in

Wing Load:
60 g/dm² ( 0.12oz/in²)

Wing Area:
33.3 dm² ( 515.7 sq.in)

Flying Weight:
Around 2000g

Center of Gravity:

Prop Size:
11x6 (3-blade) propeller

Approx. Flying Duration:
6 minutes



CG (center of gravity): 55-65mm
The CG mark is located next to the main wing installation button.


FMS offers high-quality parts to keep your model in peak condition


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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Keith Helwig

This was labeled a beginners plane. It should not have been.

Larry Rhodes
Cessna 182 1500mm

Reely a great Plane to fly. very predictable lands like a dream. Would recommend this plane to all flyers new and old.

Bert McNaughton
FMS C-182

Aircraft was easy to put together and it’s even easier to fly. I’m flying in various sizes of 4S batteries including turnigy 4.0, 3.3 and easily getting 10 minutes of fly time. The only thing that could be different is if they model came with the floats included, like some other models, otherwise, a great model and waiting for the floats to be stocked again so I can purchase them.

On a secondary note, I wish FMS would bring back the 1400 mm Stuka!

Jim Tepedino
fms cessana 182

plane is a winner performs well buy the manual sucks. all the other companies should look at eflite manuals. no flap settings nor a mention of the reverse wire attached to throttle wire. there also wires coming out the board no one knows what they are for.

Travis Thompson
Amazing Scale rc plane

THE LIGHTS ARE VERY BRIGHT. Easy to fly in low light. Fast assembly and disassembly.

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder

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