Beginner-friendly Operate

Fast 5 minute assembly, exclusive Reflex flight stabilization technology

Impressive Performance

Spectacular power system & floats design allow cooler flight, ground & water operations

Reassuringly Stable Landing

Patented high-strength tricycle landing gear makes ground handling a breeze

Durable and Robust Design

Built with ultralight EPO foam, robust plastic struts have extra strength

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New RC Flight Simulator Controller 

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FMS Customized Playing Cards.png__PID:bc6cce88-01bf-44d8-9cb1-fba82c455af4

FMS Customized Playing Cards

Quantity: 30pc


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Easy To Fly, Easy To Learn


Fun And Passion Are The Fuel

Conquering the sky has always been a human pursuit, and remote-controlled planes are the simplest and coolest way to reach it. When the airplane takes off and breaks through the ground, soaring into the blue sky, you will experience a unique feeling that combines tension and excitement. This hobby teaches us patience, focus, and creativity while providing a sense of accomplishment and fun. Fly beyond the horizon and become a skyrider now.

FMS RC planes offer stable and top-notch flight experiences for beginners, allowing you to feel the excitement of flying and controlling your plane. But FMS RC never stops pushing the limits, we have been constantly creating more commendable breakthroughs of flight performance for every pilot. Supported by powerful electronic system, the RC pilot is given more space to explore in flight and challenged to execute impressive maneuvers such as rolls, loops, inverted flight, low-speed hovering, and more, capturing every remarkable moment in your life.

FMS offers optional floats for their beginner RC planes, unlocking the exhilarating possibilities of a water takeoff and landing. Imagine the plane gliding effortlessly across the water, creating a mesmerizing spray of splashing waves behind it. This thrilling experience not only brings relaxation and joy, but also tests your operating skills, making it impossible to resist the urge to explore further. Don't miss out on this unmatched, heart-pumping sea adventure with FMS RC.

FMS is more than just a designer of top-quality RC planes. FMS is dedicated to sharing the hobby and passion of RC with a group of like-minded people. That's why we take part in offline RC events and support RC KOL in creating engaging videos that inspire pilots to learn new skills and unleash their creativity. With our resources at your disposal, you can explore more the exciting world of RC flying, no matter your financial or time constraints. Let FMS help you soar higher and farther than ever before!

A Trusty "Co-Pilot"
Fly Never So Simple

Designed for RC plane beginners,Reflex technology will rapidly level the aircraft from any attitude when this mode is activated.Stabilized mode combines accelerometer and gyro data to determine how to level the aircraft when the controlsticks are released -giving pilots absolute peace of mind.

Patented Landing Gear
Designed For Safe

Patented high-strength tricycle landing gear makes ground handling a breeze. The ranger comes with an optional floats landing set, scale your fun as a high-strength metal landing gear for ground operation and a pair of floats with an intergraded rudder for water operations.

Ready To Fly ?
Just 5 Minutes.

The Ranger is designed with ease of assembly in mind for RC plane beginners. Requiring only 6 (wheeled landing gear) or 10 (floats) screws to completely assemble, just need 5 minutes. the longest wait time is the time it takes to charge the battery.

Stylish Paint Scheme, Color the Sky

Designed with a yellow and white high-visibility color scheme, the ranger can always be easily orientated even in gloomy, overcast weather. Moreover, FMS RC planes utilize eco-friendly paints to protect our environment.

High-profile Power System, More Agility

A great aircraft is nothing without a great, dependable power system - FMS has equipped the ranger with a 3136/1200KV outrunner motor with 20A Predator ESC, which allows the ranger to climb almost vertically on demand and burst spectacular power & agility to soar the sky or gallop the sky.

More Robust & Durable

Advanced EPO material creates a lightweight yet durable airframe, resistant to everyday wear and tear. The large high-wing design ensures stability in flight, while sturdy plastic struts and patented metal landing gear provide extra strength and durability for aerobatics and rough landings.

Best RC Plane For Beginner

FMS 1220mm Ranger RC Plane

Easy To Learn, Built Well, Fly Great. Don’t miss out on one of the most revolutionary FMS aircraft, the amphibious ranger!

FMS RC Trainer Airplanes

1300mm PA-18

Easy-to-fly & Against Violent Landing & All-terrain Operations
A Great start to enjoy a versatile, Fun and exceptionally relaxing flight

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1300mm PA-18 Super Cub

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850mm Ranger

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1500mm Maule

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1700mm PA-18

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800mm Easy Trainer

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1400mm Sky Trainer 182 Blue

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1280mm Easy Trainer

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1400mm Kingfisher

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#Share Your Coolest Paper Plane#

Paper Plane Drawing

FMS Paper Plane (16).jpg__PID:3bc7b341-5c22-4e59-91e3-0260a4808f2f
FMS Paper Plane (18).jpg__PID:b3415c22-3e59-41e3-8260-a4808f2f9dbb
FMS Paper Plane (15).jpg__PID:143bc7b3-415c-423e-9991-e30260a4808f
FMS Paper Plane (17).jpg__PID:c7b3415c-223e-4991-a302-60a4808f2f9d
FMS Paper Plane  (3).jpg__PID:e70a143b-c7b3-415c-a23e-5991e30260a4
FMS Paper Plane  (2).jpg__PID:223e5991-e302-40a4-808f-2f9dbb832c72
FMS Paper Plane  (1).jpg__PID:1322e70a-143b-47b3-815c-223e5991e302
FMS Paper Plane.png__PID:e56552ee-c6e2-44a1-80ad-6400cacca002
FMS Paper Plane (11).jpg__PID:4ef1a67b-fdd7-43a5-94fc-773ee714fce7
FMS Paper Plane (12).jpg__PID:f1a67bfd-d7e3-45d4-bc77-3ee714fce719
FMS Paper Plane (13).jpg__PID:a67bfdd7-e3a5-44fc-b73e-e714fce71953
FMS-Paper-Plane 2.jpg__PID:492ff4e5-e6b6-43b9-b329-e253257d8a2e
FMS-Paper-Plane (2).jpg__PID:6816a208-9ce0-4c08-a371-fbb326e9283e
FMS-Paper-Plane (4).jpg__PID:091b7021-cf5d-4923-b09c-dc177c3e86ad
FMS-Paper-Plane (5).jpg__PID:1b7021cf-5d19-4330-9cdc-177c3e86addd
FMS Paper Plane (9).jpg__PID:a914026e-ef09-4c04-b187-9e8bec5d03c2

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1300mm PA-18 PNP

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FMS 1220mm Ranger PNP 

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FMS Model Airplane Stand

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FMS Alpha Hand-Launched Jet

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FMS Customized Cap.png__PID:8ffe0679-5b12-4e46-a9e0-e8175b751bac

FMS Customized Cap

Fourth Prize: 5 winners
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FMS Customized Battery Strap.png__PID:98ba22a6-251c-4dc8-9b30-50bc33c5fd69

FMS Customized Battery Strap

Fifth Prize: 5 winners
Value: $4.99

Find Your Relaxation Zone with FMS RC Beginner Plane

Learn To Fly With FMS

Skill, know-how and space has always been limiting factors in bringing new enthusiasts into the wonderful world of R/C aviation, until now! FMS has always been dedicated to enabling pilots of every skill level to enjoy the thrills of flight. Innovation then, is in our DNA.
Utilizing 15 years of extensive research and investment, FMS has not only engineered cutting-edge rc planes with unparalleled performance and over 100 innovative patents to beginner & expert pilots. Not only that, we are actively cooperating with top engineers in the R/C field, well-known RC clubs, etc., and are committed to providing more fun and skill improvement for beginners, and raising the flying experience to an exciting new level.

Quality-Crafted Accessories

Replacement & Upgraded Accessories

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FMS Support Is Your Backup

We’re as obsessed with service as we are with hobby. Investing in a hobby should be enjoyable and exhilarating. "Pay Less, Get More'' is brand service that FMS hopes every customer can enjoy. We treats you like a person, not a commission. Whether it's product design or after-sales support, FMS is your most trusted ally.

Learn FMS

Your Personal RC Flight Coach

The most cost-effective way to learn to fly

RC Flight Simulator Controller

Simulate real flight maneuvers, including takeoff, flight, landing, and various flight conditions. They can also provide a realistic flight experience for novice pilots, allowing them to practice flying skills and experience the thrill of flight without leaving home.

Simulation VideoGet $49.99

Effective Practice

100+ Planes Available For Practice


Beach, Grassland, Cement Field, etc.

Support Modes

AeroFly, RealFlight, FMS, G5.5, VRC2, etc.


32-bit or 64-bit XP, WIN10 System

Affordable Price

Provide Free Software Download

USB Power Supply

USB Output Connect Directly To The PC

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1V1 Expert Service

Exclusive 1V1 service channel for beginners, providing any information about technical support, pre-sale & after-sales service

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We offer a 30-day return policy, the new and unused products purchased directly from FMS website can be returned for refund or credit.