FMS 850mm (33.4") Ranger with Reflex V2, PNP / RTF


Type: PNP (with Reflex V2)
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Gustav Borup
Good plane

Good plane

Swapped all the durability with a GPS

I spent 200$ on a plane that uses the gyro out of it's limits and swaps out ALLLLLLLLL DURABILITY with a half functional GPS!!!!!!
so my first flight I tried pulling up with the gyro on and this thing went straight up and fell... from 2 feet and that was apparently enough to destroy the front gear and prop. after 1 call to customer support they would not take back the plane nor swap it out no matter how much money we tried to pay them. they would not even replace a battery that came shorted out. after repairing it we went on our second flight with the help of an instructor. even he said the plane would not pull down and the gyro was way less effective than it should be. definitely recommend a e-flite duet for nearly a 3rd of the price and fly's like a great plane. if your looking for speed look up eachine or volantex RC. they are GREAT PLANES.
and they are EXTRIMELY durable. here is a link

Super Dave
Awesome plane!

Looks awesome and well built! About to maiden with no worries! Thanks FMS!

Everything great

Second plane I got from fms, everything excellent, 3 days delivery in perfect conditions, planes great quality, I'm planning to fly them tomorrow, thanks FMS for great service

It's ok, not great

The plastic nose wheel will snap on a slightly bouncy landing and become useless. I don't know why FMS didn't make it a spring like the 1220mm Ranger. Control rods are flimsy with sloppy z-bends. Reflex system with wires weighs 25 grams, I removed it. Battery hatch does not stay in place with weak/non-touching magnet. Had to hog out a section of the hatch to fit 3S 850 battery. This plane is on par with a VolantexRC RTF micro plane and the price should be dropped to $100. I will be converting mine to a tail dragger but for now, it's a hand-toss belly lander.



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