RC Gifts For Dad & Kids

Celebrate Children's Day and Father's Day with the perfect RC gifts for dads, kids, or even yourself! Discover our top picks to make the days special!


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Gift Ideas For Kids

Alpha Hand-Launched Jet

This is a fun plane to throw around with a child. In an open field, you can throw it far enough to make the child smile and laugh. It's durable with no electronics to worry about breaking.

1:64 ALU35 With FPV

A 1/64 scale car model equipped with FPV. Perfect for children, experience the excitement of First Person View, offering an immersive and thrilling driving experience.

1:24 FMT24 Chevrolet Colorado

New FMT series - FMS Monster Truck, living up to its name with powerful performance. Ideal for off-road and high-speed adventures, its large wheels effortlessly navigate through any environmental obstacles. Featuring a 900mAh battery for extended playtime.

1:24 FCX24 Power Wagon

Perfect for indoor use, this 1/24 scale Power Wagon features a two-speed transmission and excels at crawling. With high ground clearance, it's built for crawling adventures.

RC Plane Gift Ideas

Sport Jet - 80mm Integral

The 2024 release 80mm Integral, ideal for advanced pilots. Futuristic design, smooth body, and large tires. Powerful EDF motor ensures strong performance. Perfect for progressing your RC flying skills!

Warbird - 800mm F4U

800mm F4U Corsair, a classic warbird, showcases a timeless navy blue design, intricate scale details, durable EPO foam build, and a potent brushless motor for outstanding stability and control. Simple assembly caters perfectly to hobbyists.

Beginner Plane - 850mm Ranger

Ranger, the ideal RC aircraft for beginners. Smart automatic return-home feature: if the aircraft exceeds 120m from the pilot, it will automatically return to the takeoff point. Impressive STOL capability, taking off in less than 3 meters. Ranger provides a simple and enjoyable flying experience for novice pilots!

3D Aerobatic - 1400mm F3A

The 1400mm F3A is a stunning 3D Aerobatic plane with eye-catching livery. Designed for advanced aerobatics, it features a lightweight build, large control surfaces, and exceptional maneuverability. Ideal for executing complex stunts like rolls, hovers, and flips.

Fighter Jet - Twin 70mm SU-27

70mm SU-27, a dual EDF plane with exceptional detail, featuring rich lighting, retractable landing gear, and intricate cockpit elements. Experience the perfect balance of dynamic performance and stunning realism.

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RC Car Gift Ideas

1:10 FCX10 Chevrolet K5 Blazer

FCX10 K5, FMS's first high-performance 1/10 scale simulation crawler. acked with features like DIG, switchable 2WD/4WD, lockable front and rear differentials, two-speed transmission, portal axles, and more. A powerhouse of capabilities, perfect for your first 1/10 scale RC car.

1:18 FCX18 Toyota LC80

LC80, part of the FCX high-performance crawling series, features the durable FCX18 chassis for exceptional stability. With a lifelike appearance, it emulates the real driving experience. Equipped with numerous upgrade accessories, offering a variety of gameplay options.

1:10 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

FJ40, a highly realistic hard body RC car. Features include a hood, doors, and tailgate that can be opened, revealing a super exquisite interior and soft rubber seats. Perfect for collectors seeking authenticity and detail.

1:12 Hummer H1

Hummer H1, the world's first full simulation RC Hummer H1 model. This highly detailed RC crawler boasts a complete scale chassis structure, drivetrain system, and exquisite interior with fully functional doors. Experience unmatched realism and performance in every crawl.


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Family Fun With FMS RC Model

RC hobby can bring families together by providing a fun and engaging hobby that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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Explore these RC family stories and find inspiration together!

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