FMS MODEL VIP Adventurer Program

Enhance your experience with the FMS Adventurer Reward Program! Get special rewards as you earn points exploring exciting FMS model adventures.



Exploer's Bounty - Free Entry Gift for Everyone!

- Available to claim on May 1st
- All members need to reactivate their reward accounts.
- Unused points of old members will be kept at our customer service end for one year, expiring on April 30, 2025, and will follow the old reward rules only.
- Send an inquiry email to support@fmsmodel.com to redeem rewards for your unused points.
-More exciting rewards, click HERE

Latest Updates:
The FMS Adventurer Reward System has completed its upgrade. Please log in to your FMS Model account and access the rewards section by clicking on the 'Check Rewards' button. 
-For members with unused points in their account, FMS will retain your profile data for one year until April 30th, 2025.
-During this period, you may redeem your points as coupons according to the previous reward program guidelines .
-To inquire about your points balance and redeem unused points, please reach out to us via email at support@fmsmodel.com.
--May 6, 2024

Why should I become a FMS Adventurer?

FMS model Highland-1

Join FMS Adventurer

Join us to earn 100 points for free.

FMS model Highland-2


Rich assortment of prizes for redemption.

FMS model Highland-3

Sign up gift

Sign up to get your gift set every level you achieve.

FMS model Highland-4

Event passes

Join our offline events and have fun with the community.

FMS model Highland-5

Points Multiple Event

Earn up to 3X points for more benefits.

FMS model Highland-6


Invite your friends to join and receive 100 points.

FMS model Highland-7

Happy Birthday

Get up to $30 coupon to celebrate your special day.

FMS model Highland-8

And more

More benefits are waiting for you to discover – stay tuned!

Become an FMS Adventurer Today

Creat Account
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Get rewarded for your loyalty: Shop and discover how to earn points.

Earn and Redeem your Points-just like cash. Simply spend $1 and get one QuestPoint. Rewards available start from 300 QuestPoints. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1

Sign up as FMS Adventurer

Step 2

Login to your account.

Step 3

Engage, Purchase, and more

Step 4

Rewdeem your rewards!

Spend your QuestPoints

Remember to log in to your account before placing your order to maximize your benefits.

Step 1

Login to you account

Step 2

Click on "Redeem"

Step 3

Redeem coupons & Add items to cart

Step 4

Apply coupon code at check out

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FMS Adventurer Benefits

All members earn 1 point per $1 spent.


Ready to get started?

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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand this whole FMS Adventurer thing might be new for you. That’s why we’ve assembled a few FAQs we think you might want to know.

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