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Youtube Livestream Countdown: 2023/03/25 11am EST Time

Youtube Livestream Countdown: 2023/03/25 11am EST Time

Youtube Livestream For RC Airplanes Beginners

Livestream Content will have unboxing, outer packaging and accessories display, assembly flight, simulator M600 recommendation, the process of introducing the product selling points, the appearance of the completed assembly and flight feelings. Moreover, We prepare surprised prize for the fans interacting with RCINFORMER on livestream including 1 set of 850mm Ranger PNP, 1 set of 1500mm Moa RTF, 5 pcs of EPO Glued, 5 pcs of Screwdrivere, 5 pcs of Water-proof Backpack. Don't Miss Out!

FMS × RCinformer Livestream


As a FULL-SCALE Jet Pilot & Flight Instructor, Rich at RCINFORMER brings a lot of experience to the table for both FMS models and the R/C community. Before Rich began working with the FMS Model Factory, he was our biggest fan! Now he’s part of the FMS family:) For over a decade now, Rich at RCINFORMER has been professionally product testing our models, helping us to reengineer components, & has been conducting R&D to overall improve the models we make. As our greatest advocate, Rich has been supporting and assisting FMS & Pilots everywhere through his RCINFORMER YouTube channel and at the numerous events he attends and supports. Please visit the RCINFORMER YouTube channel at & SUBSCRIBE for all the excellent FMS model videos there!

Livestream Link:

Livestream Title:
FMS Beginner Models RANGER, Easy Trainer & MOA Glider PLUS BIG GIVEAWAY LIVE!

Livestream Date:
2023/03/25 11am EST Time

Livestream Platform:
RCinformer YouTube channel


First Come, First Served

Q & A Giveaway

Date: 2023/03/20 EST time

Giveaway Prizes:
5 pcs of Airplane Cover on Facebook.
5 pcs of Airplane Cover on Instagram.

Livestream Giveaway

Date: 2023/03/25 EST time

Big Giveaway Prizes:
1 set of 850mm Ranger PNP
1 set of 1500mm Moa RTF
5 pcs of EPO Glued. 5 pcs of Screwdriver. 5 pcs of Water-proof Backpack

Livestreams Order Discount

Code: Get From Livestream

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10% Big Discount for Beginner RC Planes (850mm Ranger PNP/ 800mm Easy Trainer RTF/ 1500mm Moa RTF)

Flying Has Never Been So Simple !

Skill, know-how and space has always been limiting factors in bringing new enthusiasts into the wonderful world of R/C aviation, until now! FMS has always been dedicated to enabling pilots of every skill level to enjoy the thrills of flight. Innovation then, is in our DNA. Exclusive Innovative Reflex system allows pilots to fly under beginner, intermediate and fully manual flight modes. On Stabilized Mode, it can control surface travel allows tame flight characteristics for beginner pilots and can turn on an emergency recovery flight mode when lose control. On Optimized Mode, It Minimizes environmental effects on the airframe - pilot retains maximum control while the Reflex system neutralizes attitude changes caused by whin gusts. OFF Mode, Reflex system off - RC pilot can reach unlimited roll movement by themself improving skill.Innovative Reflex system and easy-to-operate design provide bulletproof reliability and ease of mind - flying has never been so simple.

Exclusive Flight Stabilizer - Reflex

Easy To Assemble

Eco-friendly Paint

Great Brand Service

90-day Warranty

RC Enthusiast Video Review

FMS 1500mm Moa RTF with Reflex V2


With its graceful lines from a bygone era, the FMS 1500mm Moa glider is a gentle aircraft that will appeal to beginners and advanced pilots alike. All critical components such as the 20A ESC, brushless motor and servos have been preinstalled from the factory, allowing the aircraft to be flight ready in a very short amount of time. With a scale flight envelope and an adequately powered brushless motor, the Moa is always ready to perform.

FMS 850mm (33.4") Ranger with Reflex V2


FMS is proud to announce the 850mm Ranger. Like its sibling, the high winged airframe design with a tricycle landing gear, is very easy to fly by default. A dedicated flight control paired with a Reflex sytem allows pilots to fly under beginner, intermediate and fully manual flight modes.

FMS 800mm Easy Trainer PNP/RTF


If you are looking for an easy to fly and affordable introduction to the exciting world of Radio Controlled flight then the 800 Easy Trainer is the aircraft for you.
 The 800 Easy Trainer is the ideal choice for beginners. Pleasing on the eye, its gentle and forgiving flight characteristics are perfect for pilots to enjoy flying, while coming to terms with a completely new experience.


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