Warranty Service

*Notice: The RC model is an expendable commodity. The accessory might get damaged on use, so a replacement is needed to purchase by the buyer.

Warranty Details

The electronic accessory deserves a 90-day warranty from the day of arrival after the sale. The original battery(exclude over-discharge) deserves a 90-day warranty. The way to compensate for the battery is by coupon due to the shipment restrictions policy. At the same time, the customer is entitled to long-term official technician support.

How to maintain and storage the battery ?

The basic knowledge about the maintenance and storage of lithium batteries (please always follow):

1.The new battery is only half-charged when leaving the factory. The battery must be full-charged with the complimentary USB charger before use.

2.The full voltage per battery is 4.2V. Over-discharge will damage and swell the battery. And the USB charger will refuse to charge the battery, the above doesn’t contain in the warranty. Discharge until the device stops working before cutting off the power is prohibited. Putting the car aside without cutting off the connection of the battery is prohibited.

3.Please disconnect the device and battery if no use for a long time, and store the battery half-charged. The battery is recommended to store with a voltage of 3.8V-3.9V. The battery stored with full charge or discharge will swell easily.

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