FMS 1280mm Easy Trainer PNP / RTF


Type: PNP - w/o Reflex
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Thomas Reckner Jr
New to rc planes

Just getting into rc planes went together easy except didn't know I needed foam glue for back so haven't flown yet will update as soon as I get glue .besides that plane looks beautiful think will make a great beginners plane ty fms. USMC LCPL DESERTSTORM DISABLED VET THOMAS RECKNER JR

Chris Hoekstra
What a wonderfully easy and fun first plane!

I initially flew this plane after a few hours in a simulator and it was super easy to fly. Stepped it up to a 3S 2200mah battery and it has tons of power to do my beginnings of loops and rolls. The control surfaces aren't super large but with max throws and the 3S it does fun mini-acrobatics and holds up very well.

On to the slightly more technical side. The reflex was out of stock so this was flown with no reflex/safe/stabilization but it was just fine. It comes with a 6 channel FrSky receiver which I ripped out after a couple flights and installed an ELRS receiver which worked perfectly. After a couple more flights I stopped using the Y connector for the ailerons and put them on separate channels and configured flaperons (50% and max 70%); which worked perfectly. Also setup triple rates and now it's good for all levels of skill.
It doesn't do bad upside down but it does tend to climb when upside down so I find myself having to actually pull back on the elevator to keep it level most of the time. It won't knife edge very well, you have to be at around 45 degrees to keep the altitude but perhaps more throw on the rudder could be achieved with bigger horns. Overall it flys very well just doing circles, nice slow flight and gentle landings. The controls become very muted and much less responsive when at that gentle glide but that's to be expected with less airflow over the surfaces.

Overall I'm happy with my purchase and enjoy flying it every time I take it up.



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