FMS Reward Program

Join us to earn more point and redem your rewards now. More FMS Game Are Unlocking !

How To Earn FMS Rewards Points

First Order 🛍️

Complete your first order to earn this badge:
150 Points

Join FMS RC Family 👯‍♂️

Join us to earn 350 Points

Instagram Influencer 🤞

Follow us on Instagram and receive a special reward for being our favorite Instagram Influencer:
125 Points

Facebook Friend🤞

Share us on Facebook to receive a special reward for being our Facebook Friend: 125 Points

Happy Birthday! 🎂

This badge is rewarded on your special day as our special gift for you:

500 Points

One lap around the sun!🥳

You've been an amazing shopper for a year! With it comes a special reward for your One-Year Anniversary:
1,000 Points


We value friendship
Invite your friends to join our website and receive rewards:

You get 650 Points

They get 10% coupon

Coming Soon

More reward are unlocking, Please follow us!

Redemption Rules

Discount Value $10

Equivalent Points 1,000

Discount Value $15

Equivalent Points 2,000

Discount Value $20

Equivalent Points 3,000

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