#ChevroletStoryCollection - FMS January Challenge 2024

Hey, dear Chevrolet enthusiasts! We know every Chevrolet model car carries a unique story, and now it's your turn to share!

Is it about the unforgettable moments your Chevrolet has been a part of? Or the heartwarming emotions it stirred in a special moment? Maybe it's just your huge crush on Chevy? Whether it's flashbacks or new adventures, we can't wait to hear about your Chevrolet journey.

Story 1

I was raised in a Chevy loving family, when I turned 16 I bought a cammed 82 c10, learned a lot real fast… mostly out of necessity haha the truck had lots of issues but I loved it and worked my ass off on it, made lots of memories in it and there is nothing like cruising in a squarebody with your highschool sweetheart riding next to you on the bench seat on a summer evening, needless to say I love chevys and always will. My dad owned a built squarebody suburban he did some crawling with, and my brother is building a squarebody he saved from a field. There’s something about the classic timeless design of simplicity and utility that meets in the middle into old school trucks that still are some of the most popular and recognizable trucks to ever be produced. I was born a Chevy baby and will die a Chevy man lol
- Talon Blizek


Story 2

I grew up with squarebody Chevy. In fact, I learned how to drive in a 78 K20 tow truck that my dad bought new. I currently have a squarebody K10 that I've owned for almost 30 years as well as a squarebody Suburban and Blazer. And, I'm really digging my FCX24 Way Cool McCue K5 and would love these squarebody goodies to add to my collection! I painted my FMS FCX24 K5 to look exactly how my 1:1 K5 will look when it's finished. Not only did I paint it the same color, I used the same exact paint that I'll be using on the real K5 😆
- Larry Wittman

Story 3

Used to actually own one. It was a 99 Sierra and it was a ok truck for the most part. I mean it had its ups and downs but, we made due with it. Funny thing was it never would start if it was under 50° outside we always had to disconnect the pipe from the air box to the intake and spray starting fluid directly into the intake for it to crank. Another funny story involving a Chevy is we used to have a burgundy OBS extended cab. Me and my father had went fishing and we didn’t catch anything all day but, we did end up catching a 2001 F150 that was stuck. 😂 The only other story I can say is one my father told me from when he was a kid. My uncle used to own a 69 and it had some power behind it. Well they’d went and got something to eat and there was some rail road trucks leaving the McDonald’s as they walked in. Well they ended up catching up to them trucks before they got off the interstate to finish going home
- Tyler Taylor

Story 4

I have always been a chevy guy, fords just fall apart under me but chevys seem to run forever. we have 3 sizes of black chevy blazers now, '89 full size, traxxas 1/10 scale and 2 fcx24 blazers, all in black.
- Wayne Morgan

Story 5

I’ve been in Chevys all my life and always have loved the square bodys.I personally own two 80s suburbans and when I saw FMS came out with the k5 on the fcx 24 chassis I had to have one! Ordered one for my son and myself to keep the Chevy tradition going!
- Chris Mantz

Story 6

Chevy’s are big in our household, as you can see! The white OBS is his, the red is mine. The Burb and burgundy OBS have gone on to greener pastures and made way for his S10. And my ‘67 C20 is my girl - we have won 4 trophies in two years. She’s my rock 🤍🤘🏻
- Kelly Hofer

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Story 7

My first car was a 1962 Chevy Biscayne, I loved it. Now I daily drive a Chevy Malibu and love to play with my square body FMS Chevy RC
- Ashley

Story 8

My Grandpa had a new square body every 2 years. I remember riding in the truck to my grandparents cottage every summer. My grandma, grandpa, myself, and my 2 younger brothers in a regular cab truck. Oh the good old days!! Now I have my 1975 Chevy C10. My daily driver. She’s done a lot of hauling the last 5 days for our move.
- Craig Harron


Story 9

February 27, 2001 I was driving my 1989 white Chevy Z71 home from work when I spotted a cute girl driving her 1993 grey Chevy Z71. I caught up beside her at a red light. I was flustered trying to catch a glimpse of her and lunged my truck forward and killed it at the green light! 😂
Wasn’t long and I caught back up to her and motioned to talk. She followed me to a parking lot, we exchanged numbers, and the rest is history…
We’ll celebrate 22 years of marriage this year and although we unfortunately don’t have our original Chevy’s, we’re still making memories in a Chevy. I currently drive a 2019 Chevy 2500. We’ve taken it on many amazing road trips pulling our camper, including a 6,000 mile trip through the mountains taking our kids to visit National Parks and national landmarks! Chevrolet, “Find new roads!”
- Jared Deckard

Story 10

Chevy cars and trucks have been a part of my life since I was a kid. I grew up with my dad’s ‘57 Chevys to my own ‘69 Nova in high school. Later after college and working at Chevrolet in Detroit I picked up the Squarebody bug. I’m on my second K5 Blazer, the first was a ‘75 and my current one is a ‘91. It’s been completely worked over with 4” custom lift, 8.1L/5-speed manual and a vintage pop up camper. It’s my escape vehicle to go play in the mountains and desert. Due to my squarebody sickness I had to order the FCX24 K5 so I can take it with me on my off road adventures. Like any certified truck but my FCX24 K5 is just as modified as my full size truck. I’ve bought my son his own FCX24 and we hit the crawl spots around Denver with them. We love those little trucks for sure. Can’t wait for the 10th scale version to come out!
- Rob Zulian

Story 11

When my grandpa passed away I received his black 1996 4x4 Z71 Chevy. That truck was awesome! The dual exhaust sounded great and it rode so nice. It was in near perfect condition. I loved just riding around in it. It was so fun for off roading!
- Jordan Gibson

Story 12

I have had a lot of chevy/GMC trucks, my first truck was a 1969 C10 that is in the restoration process. I grew up with a 84 C30 Crew Dually, a couple of Suburbans and a K20. I currently have a 99 Sierra Z71 that goes more places then I should take it. I am super excited for the FCX18 K10 to go with my 2 K5s and hopefully an FCX10 K5 when they are ready
- Shane Trinkle

Story 13

My first 1:24 scale truck. FMSmodel knocked it put of the park with the scale details. Best $170 I ever spent. Loads of fun with the guys out crawling around!!! Can’t get enough
- Eddie Jr Aranda

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