I built my own crawler  park in my garden.

Posted: April 18, 2024

By Dieter Haberland

How did you first become  interested  in the RC hobby?

I'm Dieter from Frankfurt, Germany, and we were visiting our daughter in Springfield, Missouri, where she was studying at Missouri State University.

During our visit, we stopped by the Hobby Town store because she needed paints. While there, I took a look around and spotted the K10 from FMS (While FMS doesn't officially offer the 1/18 scale Chevrolet K10 on our website, we do have an upgraded version available. Please take a look at our 1/18 scale FCX18 Chevrolet K10.), and that's when I made the decision to buy my first RC! That was in December 2021.

Since then, I've acquired 4 FMS models in 1/12 scale and 4 in 1/18 scale. I even built my own crawler park in my garden, specifically designed for 1/18 and 1/12 vehicles.

What was your first  RC product?  How did you feel at the time?

That was the 1/18 scale Chevy K10 from FMS. 

I'm 57, but I felt like a child again...

I would recommend an RTR from FMS as a start at any time. And the advice to do it no matter what others say or how  old you are. Age does not matter.

Who do you typically play RC with? Where is your favorite spot to enjoy a good time?

In my garden, I've constructed my very own crawler park, which I primarily use alone. Occasionally, I'll invite kids from the neighborhood to join in the fun, or I'll share the experience with my brother-in-law.

With the demands of my business keeping me busy, RC driving provides a much-needed escape where I can unwind and clear my mind. It's like having a vacation right in my own backyard.

FMS wants to say something...

The FMS team greatly appreciates Dieter for sharing his story about how he became an RC enthusiast. We sincerely admire his passion, which is particularly evident in the crawler park he has built. Dieter shared his feelings about when he first saw the FMS Crawler, capturing the excitement that many people experience when they first start playing with RC cars.

-- FMS Model

The RC cars Dieter showcased in the photos.

From the photos Dieter sent us, we noticed a variety of popular RC models, including the FMS 1/12 Land Rover Series II RTR and FMS 1/12 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha.

Additionally, Dieter owns several 1/12 scale RC cars from Rochobby (Available from our dealers such as FairRC and Hobby Zone), such as the ROCHOBBY 1/12 Scale Kommandeurwagen Beetle 4WD RTR, ROCHOBBY 1/12 Scale 1941 MB Scaler RTR, and ROCHOBBY 1/12 Scale Kubelwagen Type82 4WD RTR.

Not limited to 1/12 scale, Dieter also enjoys 1/18 scale RC cars. Apart from the 1/18 scale Chevy K10 (No loger available), he also shared his collection, including the ROCHOBBY 1/18 scale Mogrich RTR and FMS 1/18 TOYOTA Fj Cruiser RTR Yellow.