"There is no wrong way to build them do whatever you like and build them the way you want."

By RC Enthusiast - Travis Weyhrich





How did you first become interested in the RC hobby?

I have always loved remote control car and trucks
Got back into rc rock crawlers a couple years ago and really enjoy taking them apart and working on them.

What was your very first RC product? And how did you feel at the time?

Not sure what the brand was because I was a small child I do remember how it was very exciting and really fun to drive it around.

Do you have any advice for friends who want to get into RC? For instance, what knowledge and skills do they need to be aware of?

The first thing to remember is that it’s a fun hobby and there is no wrong way to build them do whatever you like and build them the way you want.

With whom do you usually play RC? And where is your favorite place to have a good time or challenge the game?

I usually play with my kids and a couple of friends I have a rc course in my backyard and there are a couple of rc park very close to my house.

What does the hobby mean to you?

This hobby is all about having fun and making new friends being able to get out and see what other people are building and getting ideas on my next build.

As an RC enthusiast, what channels will you use to hone your RC skills, expand your RC knowledge and scale your fun?

There are several different channels I look at ( rc girl, scale builders guild and rc review) are probably my top 3
Other than that it is talking with friends to find out what has worked well for them.

Do you have any recent events, activities (online or offline), accomplishments, etc. to share?

No there are no rc events in my area right now.
I have been trying to get some people together and get something set up.