RC FEST 2022 Event

RC FEST is a radio-controlled event to raise the importance of donating blood through the hobby of RC. 
RC FEST 2022; Tuscola IL! RC Fest Creators of Chaos 2022 is officially wrapped up! We couldn't be happier with the new location in Tuscola and the new opportunities. The City of Tuscola has gone above and beyond to ensure we were successful and doesn't go unnoticed. All the staff members and volunteers made the event run as smoothly as possible. I greatly appreciate the efforts of everyone involved. We had just over one-hundred participants and just under four-hundred entries during the competitions over the two days. RC Fest had 17 states represented with plenty of long-distance travelers. The winner of the ARRMA Bash & Smash points series is Jason Thurston. The 2020 grand champion Dave Caron backed up his win by clinching the RC Recovery Solutions Trail & Scale championship. The title of the 2022 Grand Champion went to the driver with the best average; Jason Thurston.
- Excerpt from RC FEST facebook official

Join Us! The Event Is About To Start:


30th-31st July 2022


Champagne Illinois, USA

Number of Visitors:

400-600 entries plus 500+ visitors

RC Fest Event - FMS Prize Winner
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