The Ultimate Scale Truck Expo 2023

Ultimate Scale Truck Expo's mission is to connect manufacturers, artisans and enthusiasts by using meaningful, person-to-person interactions for the betterment of scale modelers, the hobby, and all who experience it. The only scale RC event where you can learn in person from some of the best builders in the hobby. Also, meet your favorite vendors face to face while shopping for parts or seeing what's new to the world of scale.

Join Us! The Event Is About To Start:


17th-19th Feb 2023


Rob Mathews 3370 NE 220 Ave. Williston, Fl. USA 32696

Number of Visitors:


Capture That Moment with FMS RC Car

At the USTE RC event, FMS is bringing a thrilling 1:24 FCX24 Smasher RTR 4WD model that will give you a taste of the exciting and challenging off-road driving experience. With an imposing FCX24 chassis and 68mm monster truck tires, this RC car will stand out from the rest, while its first-generation American pickup truck design will make heads turn. The huge hollow tires will provide exceptional shock absorption, making it a breeze to navigate over rough terrain. What's more, this RC car features a two-speed gearbox controlled by a third channel that provides not only a powerful torque but also supports high-speed off-road driving. The front and rear axles come equipped with planetary gear differentials by default, enhancing its high-speed off-road driving capabilities, posture simulation, and exceptional cornering performance. When you're behind the wheel of this car at the event, you'll feel its outstanding performance and craftsmanship firsthand. You can also exchange ideas and share your off-road driving experiences and skills with manufacturers and enthusiasts at the event. If you're looking for an RC off-road racer that boasts excellent performance and a high level of detail, don't miss out on FMS's 1:24 FCX24 Smasher RTR 4WD model at the USTE RC event. It will give you the most exciting and thrilling off-road driving experience that you won't soon forget.

New Upgraded FMS 1:24 FCX24 Smasher IS Coming, Learn More