FMS 1:12 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha RS

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Please note: The 1:12 Hummer H1 RS does not include battery and can only be shipped to the Contiguous United States & Canada.



Hidden Function 4WS
Featuring a hidden 4WS feature, it does a distinctive 4WS crab walk that lets you traverse challenging terrain with confidence.

2WD-4WD Switching
This exquisitely RC model features 2WD-4WD switching for customizable driving, perfect for tackling whatever terrain you explo.

Remote Differential Lock
Featuring a remote differential lock, you'll be able to tackle any terrain. Conquer the terrain like the king of the road with this awesome RC!

370 Brushed Motor
Hold on to your hats! Driven by the sheer power of the 370 motor, HUMMER H1 comes a blast to drive on the open road like a beast on the rocks.

Remote Control Steering Wheel Linkage
The cabin features a highly detailed dashboard and moving steering wheel that turns with the main steering.

Full Simulation Hummer H1 Chassis
Fully simulated solid chassis, aiming to finely restore the rugged style of the actual vehicle, which allows you to appreciate the best driving experience.

Two Speed Transmission
Enjoy powerful performance with its two-speed transmission and take your off-roading experience to the next level!

Multiple Car Body Components Are Movable
The bumper can be folded forward, the hood can be opened and has a metal locking mechanism, Both side doors (4) can be opened and the tailgate can be opened.

Metal Transmission Structure Components
Metal driveshaft and metal gear for the whole vehicle, ball bearings ×47

The Removable Roof
The model's plasticity is increased. The roof is removable, allowing the scale enthusiast to set up figures or simply view the interior.

LED Lights × 20pcs
The Scale enthusiasts said that there should be lights – so there are lights: headlights, fog lights, turn signals, marker lights, tail lights, reversing lights, brake lights, with all lights able to be operated via the remote control.

Portal Axle
Equipped with precision off-road portal axles, the chassis has improved the minimum ground clearance through the portal axles, so it has off-road passing performance far exceeding that of products of the same size.


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