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Ultra-Compact 1/64 Scale
Experience boundless fun with the 1/64 scale, a unique design that brings adorable and cartoon-like charm to life.

Rich Realistic Detailing
From license plates to fences and sleek spoilers, every element is finely crafted for a lifelike touch.

Immersive FPV Driving Experience
Switch perspectives and dive into the action with FPV – a driving experience that puts you in the heart of the excitement.

Magnetic Design Camera
Capture with ease – our magnetic camera allows quick FPV mode switches for instant, immersive RC thrills!

Fella Flush Style
Embrace the Hellaflush style with ultra-low suspension and a minimal ground clearance, elevating your RC experience with style and substance.

Transparent Chassis
Peek into the magic of RC adventures with a transparent chassis – witness the power within as it conquers diverse terrains.

Diverse Lighting
Control the vibe with customizable lights – headlights, ambient glow, and turn signals at your fingertips for a visually stunning ride.

In-Place Steering Stunts
Turn heads with jaw-dropping in-place stunts – press a button, and watch it spin 360 degrees for a show-stopping performance.

Engage with Pets
Furry Friend's RC Companion! FLUSH30 provides endless entertainment for interactive playtime with pets.

Versatile Indoor Adventures
Transform any space into a thrilling miniature racecourse. Let your car model dash and delight in versatile indoor adventures!


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