FMS EDF Jet 64mm Rafale with Reflex V2, PNP


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Build Details, Deliver Perfection

High-Power EDF

The 11-bladed EDF with 2840 brushless motor and 40A ESC combine with your 14.8V2200mAh-2600mAh 25c(remomended) LiPo battery to provides a realistic simulation of turbineand deliver fantastic flight experience.

Unique Delta Wing

64mm Refala features delta wing and make it possible for pilots to accomplish fighter jet maneuvers in any simulation of combat.

Metal Front Landing Gear

The factory-installed durable CNC landing gear with steerable front wheel make it easier to taxi, take off and land on smooth surfaces or on grass.

Atractive Trim Scheme

The factory-applied paint and decal "NATO Tiger Meet" stands out from all other competitors.

Replicated Design

Construction with molded EPO material makes it possible to replicate details such as scaled outlines, delta wing, pilot figure, cockpit interior, panels, removable armaments, auxiliary fuel tanks, refueling probe, targeting sensor, exhaust grilles.

Assembly and Storage

Convenience,it was designed to reduce assembly time to as little as 5 minutes. The two-piece wing design make it easily be removed for storage and transport conveniently.


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