FMS EDF Jet Twin 70mm A‑10 Thunderbolt II V2 with Reflex V2, PNP


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Great flying plane

Pros: Tons of power, locked in feel, strong landing gear.

Cons: Burns thru lipos and even though the wings come off easily it's a little hard to transport

I'd give it a 7.5

Harvie Hardnock
Best A-10

I recently got the FMS A-10 back in my hangar. I had the V1 a while back, but ended up selling it, missing it I got the V2. It's the best looking A10 on the market IMO, the others are just a boring Grey color.
The build was very quick and easy, no issues At all but I've been doing this for 28 years.
The FMS A-10 looks good and flies even better. Manually adjust your surfaces level on the ground to minimize using any trim on your maiden. I needed no trim on my maiden flight.
I used a 6s 5200mah 80c lipo in mine, and got 4 minutes flight time, this could have been because it was very cold that day and may have effected the batteries performance. I have not flown it a second time yet will see if flight times change in warmer weather.
There were a few small imperfections on the paint, but too small to really notice. After a couple of coats of water base Matt finish minwax on it it looks so nice.
As well there was a wing tip led light cover missing on one wing, as they don't have those as a spare part option for this plane, I ordered the lamp covers for the 1400mm P-40 and will hopefully be able to make one to fit from those.
FMS is the leader in RC IMO, the leader in Scale detail, and the best flying planes. This is my opinion based on the fact that I have been flying FMS planes now for 16 years.

Dads Rc waffles
Fms a10

Simply awesome jet. Love the way it flys

Sonny Lewis
Just one beautiful airplane!

I love everything about this plane

Joe M
Definitely the best A-10 for the value and price

I had and crashed the Eflite 64mm and just had to get another warthog. Of the twin 64mm, 70mm, and the 80mm, I chose the 70mm for the value initially. I'm more of a scale flyer and this plane is great for scale flying but will pick up good speed in a dive. 3:30 on a 5000mah 50c pack, had a dead stick landing at 4:00 on the maiden. Has a very nice look and its size looks good on the horizon.



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