FMS EDF Jet 70mm Viper V2 PNP 15th Anniversary Edition


Type: PNP - w/o Reflex
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15th Anniversary Edition
It has made a qualitative improvement on the basis of the previous work. It is of great significance to continue FMS's pursuit of quality and performance.

Excellent Full Set of Upgraded Landing Gear
The full set of CNC machined metal shock-absorbing landing gear (kneeling front landing gear). And an electronic retract with a blocked rotor protection system for safe takeoff and landing.

Functional Flaps with Servos
Provide lift for the aircraft, can shorten the take-off and landing distance and improve low-speed performance, and ensure the stability of the aircraft during flight.

Equipped With a High-configuration Power System
High-speed brushless 3060-KV1900 motor, 70mm 12-blade ducted fan, and precise, high-quality 80A ESC.

Humanized Snap-on Cockpit Structure
It ensures the firmness and safety of the cockpit during flight. effectively ensures that the cockpit will not fall off during a violent flight.

Pre-installed Ball-head Joint
Makes the Viper easy to control throughout the flight, increasing stroke, reducing visual blind spots, and improving the aircraft's control performance and accuracy. Comparable to sport aircraft.


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