ROCHOBBY 1:10 Mashigan RC Rock Crawler RS Red 4WD


Type: Battery Not Included
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Please note: 1:10 Mashigan does not include Battery.



Rugged Hard Body with Realistic Details
FMS Mashigan features a strong hard body in winered color, as well as realistic interior and surprising gadgets.

Removable Roof
Besides its originally bulky look, Mashigan can completely remove its roof to unlock another possibility of off-road fun.

Tailgate Can Be Opened
Behind the single-row seats is a delicate car hopper, the tailgate and rear wind shield can be opened. The doors on both sides can also be opened or disassembled.

Cleverly Design Dash Board
FMS makes it more authentic with delicate dash board as well as real rear view mirrors. A synchronized steering wheel is a plus to shows off authenticity.

True Ladder Frame Truck Chassis
Stolid ladder frame chassis ensures 1:10 Mashigan is easy to conquer all kinds of complex terrain.

All Terrain Tires
It uses high grip rubber tires that make it easy to cross all kinds of terrain. A extra tire is offered for spare in case of breakage.


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