FMS 1100mm A6M5 Zero PNP w/o Reflex


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Great flyer

Flys great, floats in to land with grace. Flys on rails in the air. Very little P factor taking off and very forgiving plane at all speeds.

motor was not glued into the fuselage so FMS sent a new fuselage to me to correct the problem

Connor Pitts
Good airplane… not so good landing gear…

I bought this model because of its price compared to other warbirds of its size. When it arrived assembly was easy and took less than an hour to build. I put in a Spektrum AR620 sport receiver. I adjusted all digital throws to 150%. Out of the box the tail wheel may not roll, as with mine. Just loosen the screw that holds the actual tail wheel to the tail wheel mount.

In most cases you will need a paved runway with this plane. On takeoff this plane will track a good center line, but will need some right rudder. Once in the air it flies very smooth. It does great inverted, has plenty of power, and looks great while doing it. When your 8.5 minute flight timer runs out you’ve got to drop your flaps and land. Anything other than a perfect touchdown on a paved runway will bend the Main gear legs a little bit, and the landing gear doors can’t close. I ended up doing adjustments after every flight. Also, after a few rough landings the landing gear servo cracked and broke.

This is a very good looking, good flying model. However, you should be aware of the landing gear weakness. I can’t really fault FMS for this because almost all warbirds of this class suffer from this problem.

FMS 1100mm A6M5 Zero PNP

Very easy to assemble and the fit and finish is excellent!


This is the finest model airplane I have. It is number 47 in my current collection so my basis for comparison is solid. My other FMS planes are also excellent. The Zero has stunning paint and decals, parts fit, quality of materials, built-in gyro, scale retracts, attention to details, good instructions, at a fair price. It is a great model you will enjoy. No disappointments here.



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