FMS 1220mm Ranger EP PNP with Floats & Reflex V2


Type: PNP with Floats
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David Strange
My first FMS plane. Will definitely be more

Very easy assembly. Very easy setup. Flies so gentle and easy. If I had to say something negative it would be that the prop is very close to the ground when taxiing on rough ground. So use caution. Now, what next? Kingfisher or Futura?

Marshall Gilchrist
Great plane!

I love this model..and with the floats landing on the lake is awesome. Don't have to drive anywhere...on the lake it's all open enough not to hit trees...Flys great!

David G
Ranger 1220

Arrived quickly and in good condition. Great beginner/ intermediate plane, very predictable and easy to fly. Great value with floats included.

Zac H.

I just got this (2 hours ago )and put it together and was too excited to wait too fly it and flew it horizontally in my backyard and 3rd flight I pulled the right side throttle back to turn off the propeller to try to land it and also landed it too soon (I was also running out of room so I didn't really have a choice) and broke the top half of the propeller and cracked the rotation piece with it (10 Minutes ago). I am a little upset because of all the reviews saying how durable the plane is. It was my first RC Plane so I can't really compare it to anything else. But good news is that I can order a new propeller and rotation piece cheaper here than on Amazon (Might be the memorial day sales). I will probably gorilla glue the propeller back into place and leave the rotation piece how it is because even though its cracked, it's not too cracked. So I will do those things until I am able to get new pieces.

Great plane but lost a wing mid flight…

I’m no 3D pilot but got my gf this plane which is great to train her with. Was showing a buddy what it can do acrobatically and the wing just separated from the aircraft at the wing root! The nose dive crash sans one wing was needless to say unrepairable. I’m sad now. Trying to reach out to FMS but how many calls they must get that are pilot error? I ordered another one still…a great flying airplane that does everything you want except pull high G maneuvers I guess. There’s no wing strut just what appear to be semi functioning wing braces.



Unbreakable Spring Structure
The patented front landing gear adopts the unbreakable spring shock absorber structure, which can minimize the worries of novices practicing take-off and landing.

Optional Floats To Scale The Fun
Optional floats allow pilots to take off and landing from water, is a great start to enjoying versatile, fun and exceptionally relaxing flight.

High-spec Power System
The ranger is equipped with a 3136/1200KV outrunner motor with 20A Predator ESC, which allows the ranger to climb almost vertically on demand!

Horizontal Stabilizer
One piece horizontal stabilizer for precise flight characteristics.

Easy Assembly Process
Screw-together and twist-lock assembly, completed in 3-10 minutes.

Metal Landing Gear
The high strength and lightweight front three-point metal landing gear has better ground taxiing directivity and is suitable for all-terrain operations.


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