FMS 1220mm Super EZ V4 RTF with Floats & Reflex V2

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Awesome Plane and so easy to build.

Best value in a RTF.

Bang for the Buck!

I have both this plane and the Ranger 1220, both in RTF format. You get SO much plane for the price. The fact that it not only comes with a transmitter and battery, but a set of floats WITH a servo steered water rudder?!! Wow! Both this and the Ranger fly similarly, but the SuperEZ seems a little lighter in its toes. I would have to compare this and the Ranger 1220 to Horizons Carbon Cub, and this is $100 cheaper and it’s comes with floats, the Carbon Cub does not… they’re I believe about $40 bucks more and they don’t even have a rudder on them. Not bashing Horizon, just trying to get my point across, this is A LOT OF PLANE FOR THE MONEY! You could easily buy this as your first plane with it having Reflex and make your daily flyer once you’re experienced, it can do it all!

Ramin Farsad
Awesome RC airplane

This is a great airplane and very versatile. It can be flown at very slow speeds which makes it great for beginners, flying and landing in a confined areas. However, the Super EZ can also fly fast and and ca do full aerobatics and even 3-D flying. This level of versatility is amazing and hard to find.I purchased the RTF version which comes with it's own very basic transmitter. The safe/gyro stabilization system works very well and it is another good reason for any beginner to get this airplane. Even with the safe mode on, it still allows steep bank angle turns and nearly vertical pitch up attitude! The gyro has been very well tuned. There is no oscillation which happens with poorly tuned gyros.The fact they include floats is just another cool thing! If you are a beginner, only use the floats after you have considerable experience and comfort flying the plane on land :)

Jim Fischer
Nice plane

This is a great trainer airplane. With the reflex system it almost flies itself. I have crashed a couple of times and it's very durable. Thanks



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