FMS 1400mm Pitts V2 PNP


Type: PNP - w/o Reflex
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Beautiful Pitts

FMS Pitts 1400mm is a beautiful plane! It flys great also! The only issue I have with the Pitts are the plastic servos, (the gears are easily stripped). The Servos are to be replaced with FMS metal gear servos

Larry Mcewen
FMS Pitts 1400 mm

FMS Pitts 1400 is a beautiful plane
I am 79 years old and this is my first BiPlane
It's Big real Big
The finish looks great.
Overall a well built plane.
I did replace all the plastic servos.
I had a problem getting the canopy off the first time. had to cut it free with my E-knife and a problem with the interplane wing strut.
But it's a beautiful plane.

Michael Hallenbeck
Fantastic Biplane

I love it so much, I bought a spare in case they ever discontinue it. 4500 Mah 6s at the front of the tray flies perfect. I did swap prop for APC 16x8 Electric, absolutely transformed this plane's climbing ability. Vertical is now fantastic. That is only mod I have done.

NICE Pitts

First off FMS you did a great thing with this Pitts, size, quality, pricing, you cannot get a bigger better foam Ptts for the price, the detail is awsome, the size of it is huge. And everyone at the field notices it. The plane flies amazing and has no bad tendencies in the air, you have to ease into the throttle on take off because it wants to torque on you, landings are smooth and predictable. The only thing I could suggest FMS, is upgrading the motor and esc for more power and speed. It will do basic 3D moves but needs more power to get more out of such a big beautiful plane. O unfortunately had to sell mine a while back but do want another badly. Great product FMS keep it in stock

Ron Tincher
Awesome Aerobatics

It is unbelievable how this plane performs scale aerobatics. I typically fly scale aerobatics, not 3D, with 60cc size aerobatic airplanes, Extras, Lasers, and Slicks but this plane is becoming my favorite. Very realistic.



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