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Sale price$399.99 USD
Color: Red
$399.99 USD
Sale price$399.99 USD
Color: Red

FMS EDF Jet 80mm Integral PNP

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Sale price$399.99 USD
Color: Red
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- The futuristic aesthetic design resembles a sci-fi fighter jet and exudes a sense of future technology.
- The fastest 80mm sports Jets. Achieving speeds as fast as a shark, the maximum flight speed reaches 220.59 km/h.(The speed tests are subject to actual conditions.)
- Equipped with excellent landing gear spring suspension and large-sized tires, enabling conquering landings on various terrains.
- Officially authorized by TomaHawk, perfect appearance, excellent performance.

- The futuristic aesthetic design resembles a sci-fi fighter jet and exudes a sense of future technology.- The fastest 80mm sports Jets. Achieving... View More
Wingspan 1060mm /41.7in
Overall Length 1190mm /46.8in
Flying Weight Around 2500g
Motor Size 3665-KV2000
Servo 13gX8pcs
Radio 6CH Channel
CG (center of gravity) 155-165mm
EDF 80mm Ducted Fan 12-blade
Recommended Battery 22.2V 4000mAh-5000mAh 45c
Battery Compartment Size 160*55*45mm
Aileron Yes
Rudder Yes
Flaps Yes
Retracts Yes
Approx. Flying Duration 3 minutes
Minimum Age Recommendation 14+
Experience Level Medium High
Assembly Time 10 minutes
Wing Load 116 g/dm² ( 0.23oz/in²)
Wing Area 21.5dm² ( 333sq.in)

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  • Futuristic Design Aesthetics
  • High-Performance Power System
  • Elevate Your Flight Experience
  • Aerobatic Flying Prowess
  • Abundant LED Light Effects

As fast as a shark - Achieve amazing agility and speed

Embark on an exciting journey with our cutting-edge 80mm Integral High-Speed Sport EDF Jet, a result of collaboration between FMS and Tomahawk teams. This advanced aircraft seamlessly blends futuristic design with powerful dynamics for a visually stunning and technologically advanced experience. With rare technological aesthetics, it's not just stylish, it's a high-performance powerhouse allowing pilots to execute challenging aerial maneuvers. Reaching speeds of up to 220.59 km/h (The speed tests are subject to actual conditions), the 80mm Integral offers an incredibly thrilling flying experience. Its high speed and unmatched aerobatic capabilities make it the perfect choice for a unique and unforgettable aviation adventure.

  • Futuristic Design Painting

  • Powerful Performance

  • All-metal CNC Landing Gear

  • Robust Large Tires

  • Equipped With 13g Servos

  • Eco-Friendly Screw Assembly

The Fastest 80mm Sports Jets

The 80mm Integral, officially authorized by TomaHawk, stands out in the realm of sport EDF JETs with its unique design and outstanding performance. Infused with a futuristic artistic design, it transforms flying into a stylish journey. The powerful propulsion system enables effortless control techniques and the thrill of high-speed flight. The distinctive red and blue paint scheme, harmonizing with contour curves, gives it a highly recognizable quality, effortlessly capturing attention in the sky or on the runway.


  • Environmentally Friendly, Water-Based Paint
  • Detachable Cowl Design
  • Auxiliary Air Intake
  • Hidden Hinges
  • Enhanced Plug-Type Connectors
  • Effortless Assembly
  • Buckle Structure Design

Environmentally Friendly, Water-Based Paint

Excellent color and luster not only can provide an excellent appearance effect for the product but can also ward off corrosion to the product. Water-based paint is non-corroding, environmentally friendly, and safer for human health.

Detachable Cowl Design

The aircraft adopts a detachable cowl design with a snap-on mechanism for easy installation and disassembly. The cowl is made of durable hard plastic, ensuring sturdiness, and providing enhanced protection to the aircraft.

Auxiliary Air Intake

The auxiliary air intakes are the smaller ones on the sides of the fuselage that serve as hidden boosters for the aircraft. These auxiliary air intakes are the powerhouses that amplify thrust, aiding in the enhancement of lift, ensuring the plane's ascent to greater altitudes.

Hidden Hinges

The 80mm Integral incorporates hidden hinges, enhancing overall aesthetics while providing greater flexibility. With a seamless design, these hinges ensure precise control and outstanding flight performance.

Enhanced Plug-Type Connectors

Elevating durability and reliability, the 80mm Integral features improved plug-type connectors, effectively addressing concerns related to contact issues and contributing to a tidy and organized wiring setup.

Glue-Free Assembly

Assembling the 80mm Integral model is incredibly convenient. With no need for glue, players can take flight after securing the parts with hex screws, making it easy to replace parts and simple to maintain.

Buckle Structure Design

The cockpit features a buckle structure design, ensuring a stable and reliable flight experience. This robust structural design prevents loosening or detachment, even during high-speed flight and aggressive maneuvers.


FMS EDF Jet 80mm Integral

1060mm /41.7in

Overall Length:
1190mm /46.8in

Wing Load:
116 g/dm² ( 0.23oz/in²)

Wing Area:
21.5dm² ( 333sq.in)

Flying Weight:
Around 2500g

CG (center of gravity):

Motor Size:



6CH Channel

RTF (Ready to Fly) airplanes come with everything you need to fly in the box. A transmitter, receiver, battery, charger, and all other required electronics are included and pre-installed from the factory.

PNP (Plug-and-Play) airplanes include the ESC, motor, and servos all pre-installed from the factory. Transmitter, receiver, battery, and charger are not included.


FMS create top-notch RC Airplane for backyard & outdoor fun


Discover The Joy Of Flight

Uncover The Thrill Of Integral, Embark On A Skyward Adventure

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Customer Reviews

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John DeVries

Fast shipping. And even faster flight. Slows nicely for landing.

Robert Groves
Great airplane

The quality, fit, and finish are outstanding. Impressive landing gear.

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Thomas Colatrella
Quick Delivery of a very good flying Jet

This is a fast great flying jet. Plenty of power for grass takeoffs. Everything is good except front landing gear is weak. Nice shock action but the retract needs to be stronger. Excellent value I got $100 off

alex chu
Wow! What speedy service

I received it in two days. Great turnaround time

Witness the splendor of the 80mm Integral live - Awe-struck from the First Flight!

Event: Spring Field Opening Fun Fly
Time: March 16th, 2024
Address: 7550 Apalachee Parkway, Tallahassee, Florida.

Come and enjoy some great RC aircraft flying. You can even try your skills with Seminole Radio Control Club flight instructors and aircraft.