FMS EDF Jet 80mm Rafale PNP


Type: PNP - w/o Reflex
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Harvie Hardnock
Another awsome EDF from FMS

I've had this for a couple of weeks waiting g for a good day to maiden.
The build was very quick with minimal screws, and quick connects on the wings. The set up, was pretty straight forward since I used only ailerons on the wings and not ailerons and flaps, or anynother combinations as to flying surfaces.
I've flown many different FMS EDF's, but never a delta wing, so this was my first attempt at this type of edf.
The CG was perfect with my LiperiAir 6s 5000 1/4 inch behind the leading edge of the ply battery tray.
It flew very well as does all FMS aircraft, the only thing lacking is it's efficiency. I got around 2 minutes flight and at the end my 5000 had 37% left, around storage charge. But I flew it mostly full.
I have the 3D printed nozzles coming, so I will be comparing speed and efficiency after I install that.
Again an awsome flying edf by FMS YouTube video placeholder
Justin Newland
What a BEAUTIFUL "Big Bird"

I think you'll like the Rafale. The landing is effortless. The big delta settles in flat if you keep the nose up and ride down the throttle

Lionel Randall
Smooth flyer

When I ordered the Rafale I was a bit nervous since this was my first canard plane. That nervousness went away as soon as I took off I discovered how smoothly it flew. It's a great plane and you won't be disappointed. One thing of note. The plane is power hungry so be conservative on your flying time at first.

Brad Darnell
Awesome Jet

Man, this jet is awesome in alpha flight and is so nice to look at. Very well done model! Decent top end speed and the preprogrammed flight mode makes set up a breeze. My favorite jet I own so far.

Lionel Randall
She surprised me

I have avoided buying this EDF since it came out because canard planes intimidated me. Well, I decided to give it a try. I was surprised at how smooth it took off and flew. I found landing was not as challenging as I thought it would be as long as you keep the nose up. If you are on the line about buying this plane, don't let it pass by. The one downside is the motor will drain your battery, so keep an eye on your time until you get a feel for the battery drain.



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