How Did Green Fest 2024 Leave a Lasting Impression?

Posted: April 3, 2024

By Harvie Hardnock

Exciting Debut: FMS Shines at Green Fest 2024!

Green Fest 2024, Glendale AZ. My first RC Plane event to officially represent FMS, and it was a great event. The club president David Zarra is a great guy. Along with him, Kyle Girardo made me feel welcome and at home at the event, very friendly and hospitable. Not just these guys but all club members and even spectators, stop by, asking questions about where to buy, and taking pictures and videos of the FMS booth. They were amazed by the variety of EDFs showcased, including the 64mm Futura - hailed as the best RC Jet for beginners - as well as the advanced Jet 70mm F-18F, 70mm A-10 Thunderbolt and 80mm F-86 Sabre.

Connections Made and Lessons Learned at Green Fest 2024

There were 4 team pilots there representing other brands and other manufacturers, and so I was able to see some of the best flying skills that I have ever seen in the 28 years I've been in the hobby. I want to especially thank Kyle for being so helpful in setting up a few of my EDF's in my transmitter, not just helpful to me, but throughout the event i witnessed Kyle helping so many others.

Exciting Debut: FMS Shines at Green Fest 2024!

Kyle has a 25 year history in the hobby and has flown as team pilot for many rc airplane manufacturers. The RC car that Kyle is interested in the picture is the ROCHOBBY 1:10 Atlas 4x4 Off-Road Truck RS.

There were only a few mishaps with RC planes that had minor damage, all in all it was great flying, and a great time, with good food and good music. I will not forget the people and the great time I had at Green Fest, I can only hope that I can go back again to represent FMS.


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