FMS 1200mm CJ6 PNP


Type: PNP - w/o Reflex
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Harvie Hardnock
Looks great in the air

Nice plane, flies great and has plenty of 4s 2200mah speed. No need for the reflex v3 in this one as it flies like a trainer and is very stable without one. But if you choose to the reflex v3 is awsome addition. It looks great in the air, from top side to bottom side, and with navigation lights and strobe. It takes off very nicely and lands as well even without the flap. The flap being just a cosmetic scale feature it looks cool too. I would like to see FMS put ball links on this one because 2 of the plastic clevaces were broken out of the box and they tend to break over time. The paint and decals were very nicely done.

Neil Brodin
Fms cj6 1200mm

This is the best bank for the buck airplane I own it’s 10mph slower then fast but flys for 7min mix flying on 2200mah 4s and is very stable! I have all of the planes from everyone this is my wife’s pick because it flys slow the 2 blade prop has torque like a 4 blade the flap does a good job landing gears are tougher then most in the 1200mm class. Take off is 30 feet or less on payment. having full light is a must for safety and this planes got them all, flashing to boot. If I could do it all over again. I buy two, this plane and a f22 90mm and drop the mic. Cheers



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