FMS 1300mm PA-18 Super Cub with Reflex V3, PNP / RTF


Type: PNP Reflex V3
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William McVea
Wide speed range.

I would not recommend as a first airplane. That said the airplane is rock steady. I sometimes use a 3s2200 and get easy 7 minutes. However, for more fun I like to fly with a 4s1300 120. It really moves. I did not have to change anything. The stock motor, prop, and esc do fine. With full flaps it will really slow down nicely. Flap up with full power it's fast. I have 3 way switch on my dx8 programed for AX3S-Off-SAFE. Great airplane!

Reflex V3

The plane arrived a little late. Not a big deal just added to the excitement. Unboxing this plane was super exciting as it’s beautiful. The assembly was simple enough (screw holes don’t line up). First flight was great! Got it all trimmed out and did some slow passes with flaps and a few rolls to feel out the roll rate. Brought her down and swapped out the battery to let my fiance fly. I took it up again and wanted to test out the reflex and make sure it would level out if she needed it to. The plane decided to dive and barrel role! If you’re experienced I would recommend the plane. If you’re new to the hobby and have flown smaller planes but want to step it up and will still rely on the gyro. Go get an eflite apprentice sts, they’re tried and true to not fail and what most clubs will use to train. I chose the PA-18 due to the landing gear and area I have close to home to fly. But would definitely rather spend the money on gas. To go fly and not have the frustration of flying a plane you got the day before, and the company install a faulty system that caused the plane to commit suicide. Now I’m stuck trying to fix this one and my fiance is more reluctant to fly larger planes because of it. So not only am I stuck with a busted up plane, I’m also stuck having to go buy an eflite apprentice that I can almost guarantee won’t dive at the ground for no good reason, to hopefully show her what a beginner plane should do and behave like. All so I can enjoy a hobby with my family. Also FMS doesn’t care that their system is faulty. They get to make you wait on parts and spend more money to have the plane be pretty again. Frustrated to say the least. I only own planes from other companies and my experience with FMS has been less than desirable.

Dustin Rushing
Not for a true beginner

This thing is sick, but I bought it as my first plane. Lol. If you are me right now, get the Aeroscout first.

Carl Hausler

I purchased the PA18 1300 RTF in mid May of 2024. Constructing the unit was quick and easy. The transmitter unit that they included does not turn on. The "hich" performance battery unit and charger unit started to smoke and crackle about 15 minutes into the charging process. Both the battery and transmitter need to be replaced. I have attempted to communicate with FMS several times via telephone and email and if they engage, any action that results is meaningless. To be fair, one of the email responses they sent went to a spam folder but this was rectified within a day. Yes, I can go purchase a new transmitter and battery set up but I shouldn't need to . I am pretty much convinced that FMS could care less about me or my purchase. They have farmed out all of their customer overseas and it is useless. I will not be purchasing any additional FMS products for this reason. Thanks

Jan Mcgaff
As advertised

Love it. Easy to assemble. Clear directions



High-output Power System

Powered by quality-crafted 3535-KV850 motor that provides adequate thrust for any situation. Moreover, ESC comes revesing function that can also "reverse" when en-courtering obstacles on the ground and water.

CNC Metal Landing Gear

Landing gear are made of CNC metal is robust and look quality, and designed for less-than-perfect landings. Steady & durable structure is more friendly for beginner's flying.

Less Than 3m STOL Capabilities

Easy-to-fly and easy-to-operate features have brought full surprises to both new and old pilots, it can take off in less than 3 meters.

Optional Floats To Scale The Fun

Optional floats and stainless-steel strusts allow pilots to take off and landing from water, is a great start to enjoying versatile, fun and exceptionally relaxing flight.

Oversized Pneumatic Rubber Tires
Rubber tires features oversize of 120mm and pneumatic, allowing it to operate from just about any terrain. The quality of the details create the overall valuve of our rc airplanes.

Easy To Assemble & Carry
Thanks to the structure of two-section fuselage and two-piece wing, it is greatly facilitates players' assemble and carrying. Also can be hidden in the corner of a car trunk, ready to be used at any time.


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