FMS 2000mm (78.7") Beaver V2 Seaplane PNP

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Type: PNP - w/o Reflex&Float
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Gentle Giant

I got this plane finally to review, knowing it is not new to the market but new to me and had been wanting one. The finish and detail on it is very nice. As to scale detail, it would have been nice if FMS put a pilot in this one, there are pilots in way smaller planes and this one needs one. The build was effortless and went together and set up in my TX in a matter of minutes. The flight characteristics are very nice it could be a first plane but would categorize it more for intermediate to experianced. It doesn't need the reflex v3 but added it anyway for the gyro to make for a smoother flier especially in windy situations. As far as performance, I would not say it has all the power claimed but plenty of power for its size. It is a gun flying icon. I see many people say that the axles bend, but after 25 flights so far I have not seen any issues with the axles bending unless others are landing it pretty hard. I would agree that FMS should sell the axles separately, to avoid having to buy the whole wheel assembly just to replace the axles. One other not to FMS, this is a big plane, in my flight video you will see that on landing the rudder servo stripped. You really need to opt for metal gear servos in the rudder and elevator at least. Other that the one issue with the rudder servo, it is a great flier. YouTube video placeholder
Dads rc
Fantastic plane

Very easy to fly. Beginners can easily fly this plane

Ricky D Riley
Great airplane

This is my second Beaver ! I just got it in, and assemled it ! I was sad to see it no longer comes with the Reflex gyro! I put my gyro in it from my other Beaver works fine ! I also up graded the axles with stronger allen head bolts and replaced the c clip with a pressed on lock washer on the tail wheel because the clip will come off! And I put pin hinges in the rudder and elevaters for better security, after alot of flights my others came off! I like the plane so much I had to get another one!

Bruce Bina
Two concerns - Reflex positioning and landing gear axels

I maidened the beautiful Beaver last night. It flies wonderfully with the servo setup throughs in the manual. I only ding it on two items.

Reflex installation positioning. Unless you want to create an access hole in the side of the fuselage, you cannot connect a USB cable to verify that the Reflex is set up for the Beaver. It seemed to work okay; just not sure it is working how it is supposed to. With only three flights on a calm night, I could only verify that the beginner mode prevented full maneuverability.

The second point is the Landing gear, specifically the axels. One of the axles bent on the second flight. Note that the axel is only available as part of the complete landing gear set. I'll upgrade the wheels with air tires, Dubro axels, and collars. About the same price as replacing the complete gear set.

Julian Vermaak
Awesome kit!

So excited for maiden flight! Beautiful plane.



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