FMS 800mm F4U Corsair V2 RTF / PNP

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Great little flyer!

I got this on sale for Father's Day and it is a great little flyer! First, don't fly it on 2S. It is rather sluggish and a little nose heavy. Instead use a 3S 850 battery. It is not demanding of the battery. I am using a 25C pack and get about 3:30 of flight time. You may be able to squeak out more with judicious throttle management. It has way more power at 3S and the CG is perfect with this battery.

Be aware that Corsairs have high P-Factor so you need to give it some right rudder during takeoff or it will roll to the left and you may pound it in. This is a plane for experienced pilots NOT newbies but if you have intermediate skill, it is a lot of fun and looks great in the air. It wasn't available with the Reflex when I bought it so I installed a Spektrum AS3X receiver. It flies pretty well with no gyro but the AS3X makes it fly like a much bigger plane. I don't fly SAFE but it can get you out of trouble if you lose orientation. That said, if you need SAFE (or self-leveling) to fly, this probably isn't a good plane choice for you. As I said previously, this plane and warbirds in general are better suited to experienced pilots with at least intermediate level skill.

If you've been wanting a Corsair and have the skill to fly a warbird, this is a fantastic plane for not a lot of money. It has plenty of power if flown on 3S and it is just beautiful to look at!


The propeller was chipped and I emailed them and I still haven't heard from FMS in 1 week I had to go and buy a propeller and I'm never going to buy from them again



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