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#Valentine's Day Challenge - FMS February Challenge 2024

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(and yes, she gave me this)

Top 5 Valentine's Day RC Gift Ideas

Gift a new RC hobby this Valentine's! A creative and enjoyable present that marks the beginning of exploring new interests together. Make this Valentine's Day the start of a wonderful journey into a shared hobby!


FCX24 Chevrolet K5

The best-selling choice, Chevrolet K5, stands out as FMS's star product! Not only can it effortlessly switch between SUV and Pickup modes, offering endless enjoyment, but it also boasts a rich historical legacy. This vehicle is a must-have classic, seamlessly blending historical heritage with versatile entertainment options.

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1300mm PA-18

From $199.99
Discover the perfect entry into RC Airplane with the 1300mm PA-18! Easy installation, smooth takeoff. With a cool and stylish exterior, it not only looks impressive but also boasts STOL capability, taking off in less than 3 meters. The PA-18 elevates your model flying experience to new heights, making it both seamless and intuitive! 

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FMT24 Chevrolet Colorado

Introducing the new FMT series - FMS Monster Truck, living up to its name with powerful performance. Ideal for off-road and high-speed adventures, its large wheels effortlessly navigate through any environmental obstacles. Featuring a 900mAh battery for extended playtime. Colorado, the ultimate in RC car modeling for an exhilarating and enduring experience!

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850mm Ranger

From $139.99
Ranger, the ideal RC aircraft for beginners. Easy to handle with options for both RTF and PNP versions. Smart automatic return-home feature: if the aircraft exceeds 120m from the pilot, it will automatically return to the takeoff point. Impressive STOL capability, taking off in less than 3 meters. Ranger provides a simple and enjoyable flying experience for novice pilots!

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FCX18 Toyota LC80

LC80, part of the FCX high-performance crawling series, features the durable FCX18 chassis for exceptional stability. With a lifelike appearance, it emulates the real driving experience. Equipped with numerous upgrade accessories, offering a variety of gameplay options. LC80 allows you to tackle challenging terrains, experience the joy of authentic driving.

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Best RC Cars & Airplanes Gift Collections

Please note that RC airplanes and 1:6, 1:10 scale RC cars are exclusively available in the US. For Canadian customers, please visit our Canada Page for shopping.

#RaceIntoRomance With FMS

Why Choose FMS for Valentine's Day Gifts?
An RC model for Valentine's Day is a gift that combines lifelike realism with dynamic fun. It's a unique way to share exciting experiences, creating memorable moments together.

A Unique And Creative Gift

Unlike flowers, RC models provide lasting entertainment.

Officially Authorized RC Car & Airplane

Chevrolet, Toyota, Boeing, etc., FMS's RC models are officially authorized.

Quality And Performance Guaranteed

FMS has dedicated 18 years to RC model research and development.


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